Prueba de nivel de inglés

English Placement Test (Oxford University)

Responde las peguntas a continuación seleccionando una respuesta de la lista. Podrás ver el resultado al final de la página. Sólo la primera opción elegida cuenta. Si respondes de forma incorrecta , puedes volver a escoger para ver el resultado correcto, el resultado de la prueba no variará.

Test de 50 preguntas (15 min aprox):

1. How many people in your family?  

2. What time is it?

3. I get up at 8 o'clock morning. 

4. How much where you live? 

5. Where are you going Friday?

6. come to my party next Saturday?

7. What in London last weekend?

8. Is your English improving?

9. I'm going to Sainsbury's some food.

10. Madrid is the most attractive city .

11. Madrid isn't London.

12. He was mowing the lawn when I him yesterday.

13. Last Tuesday I to the Passport Office.

14. What were you doing at 7:30 on Wednesday evening? I TV.

15. What time to bed during the week?

16. Do you like Madrid? Yes, .

17. I'm afraid I haven't got .

18. This book is mine and that book is .

19. Would you mind me that pencil?

20. I live in Madrid now. I to France for a long time.

21. I don't understand. What language

22. She came to Britain .

23. My mother never out in the evenings.

24. Madrid?

25. car is the red Ford?

26. I'm sorry. I haven't done my report

27. My friend doesn't speak Chinese. I don't

28. That's the house

29. If

30. She asked me how big .

31. My friend let his bike yesterday.

32. , what would you spend it on?

33. I smoking last year, but I didn't.

34. I'm the film on Wednesday.

35. I'm not grammar.

36. The film was very good. It's .

37. I have difficulty English.

38. When I lived in France, I a lot of wine.

39. I wish Russian.

40. What will you do when studying?

41. The Chancellor the new wing yesterday, but it still isn't finished.

42. I'd rather English than Swedish.

43. No sooner in through the door than the phone rang.

44. We're having the party at .

45. If he hadn't known the boss, he the job.

46. I'd sooner a car than a motorbike.

47. I need to go to toilet.

48. It's time some work.

49. It's now 9 o'clock and the train arrive at 8:15.

50. We regret that the course has been cancelled.

Nota obtenida:

Comprueba tu nivel aproximado en la siguiente tabla:

Puntuación Nivel Referencia Europeo Nivel aproximado
   1-10     A1    Principiante
   11-20     A2    Elemental
   21-30     B1    Intermedio
   31-40     B2    Intermedio alto
   41-50     C1    Avanzado


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